30 Days to Elevation

Today It seems that we have a smart plan or a smart device for just about everything ... and technology keeps advancing at a crazy pace. There are apps for almost everything. All of it meant to help us evaluate and assess areas of our life on a minute-by-minute basis in order to help us hit our targets and satisfy our wants and needs. However, it also means that we've surrendered. In other words, technology has removed much of the human element from us ... taking over our behavioral health, impacting our interpersonal skills, creativity, and even our comprehension capacity.

Further, when it comes to the most important institution on the earth ... our families ... many don't have a plan at all, much less a smart one. At Legacy Ministries we have produced a 30-day program that will help you put a smart plan together to experience an acceleration in growth in your family. It's challenging, but it's fun, enlightening, stretching, and geared towards rapid spiritual growth all at the same time. The challenge consists of daily devotions, journaling challenges, exercises to be done collectively, insightful assignments, and a ton of provoking discussion. Some of it uses data that has been around for awhile ... such as the Life Wheel ... and some is our own original stuff. All of it however, is sure to propel your family forward spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically. Don't procrastinate any further ... Take action today.