Our Slogan

Three words, “Celebrate—Connect—Care,” exhort the members of Christian Tabernacle to celebrate Christ, connect with others, and then search for ways to truly care about them.

It has been said, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” When our church family gathers to sing, pray and express our gratitude and devotion, His holy presence seems to connect with our spirits in a loving embrace. Celebrating Jesus Christ is our highest joy! (See video, How We Celebrate.)

After feeling His touch, the most natural response is to reach out to someone who needs healing, comfort, or encouragement. As Christ’s body, we connect through ministry and fellowship in small group settings. (See video, How We Connect.)

But the highest satisfaction comes from caring for those who are beyond our church walls. Our joy is complete in finding creative ways to introduce Christ to our community, nation, and around the world. (See video, How We Care.)

These three summations offer just a glimpse of Christian Tabernacle's heart and soul. Understanding who we are, why we exist, and how we function should provide helpful insights for those who are contemplating whether to join our church family. And, in the event that decision is "yes," we would love to visit with you in person. Online communications are good, but person-to-person interaction is the only way to form lasting friendships.

So, this is your invitation to celebrate, connect, and care with the Christian Tabernacle family!