Harvey Hope


Harvey Hope is a collaborative effort to restore secure housing that Houston area residents lost during Hurricane Harvey, by the distribution of manufactured homes. The disaster recovery team at Christian Tabernacle has joined with other area assistance ministries and nonprofit organizations to help combat homelessness. Our goal is to assist many families in the Houston and surrounding areas return to the comfort of their own homes in this healing and recovery process.


The goal of this need-based program is to extend a helping hand to those with the greatest need. The first to be considered for assistance will be those with disabilities, the elderly, or families with limited income. All applicants must provide proof of damage reported to FEMA. For additional information, please contact the Disaster Recovery Team: 832.915.0610


The following information will be required to determine eligibility:

(1) Click the link below.

(2) Complete the application on the website and fill out all attached forms.

(3) Upload all the requested documentation and forms,

(4) Click "Submit" and a disaster recovery case manager will contact you to discuss your information and the next steps. After receiving this information, the disaster recovery assistants should be able to confirm whether you meet the requirements and answer your questions.

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