Bibles Unbound

“Please send us Bibles!” is the top request from suffering, persecuted believers around the world. Most will wait years for their own precious copy—even at the risk of their own lives and their families. Why don’t we answer this request by becoming a provider of God’s Word—in the language of the people?

Assignment #2: Conroe Dream Center

God has given us another reason to rejoice—the success of our second Bibles Unbound assignment!

The campaign was launched October 23, 2013, with a goal of raising $600 to purchase 30 Bibles for women at The East Texas Dream Center of Conroe, TX. With a head start of $173.88 from Assignment #1, we collected an additional $145 in Week 1. By God’s grace and generous giving, we collected $474 in Week 2, surpassing our goal with a total of $792.88.

Once again, we have funds available for another Bibles Unbound campaign, and we are anxious to begin Assignment #3. Thank you for your prayers and support as God directs us to meet another need for Bibles.

Assignment #1: Mexico

We are still praising God for the success of our first Bibles Unbound assignment. On February 20, 2013, we announced our goal to raise $600.00 in six weeks to purchase 144 Bibles for two churches in Mexico. Three weeks later, we exceeded our goal, collecting a total of $701.08.

The victory was evident at The Journey service on March 20, 2013, when the Bibles were beautifully displayed on the Sanctuary platform. Each Bible was personalized with a special message from a C.T. member written inside. The dedication of the Bibles concluded with a prayer of thanksgiving to God and covering for missionary Lazarus Vargas, who ministers in Mexico.

Since actual costs for the assignment totaled $527.20, the remaining balance of $173.88 will give us a great start for our next Bibles Unbound campaign! Thank you for your prayers and generosity. We look forward to God working through us again.